Essay on The Code Of Ethics For Toys R Us Code Ethics

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The code of ethics for Toys R Us does not address corporate social responsibility of the company.
Compliance with legal mandates
Toys R Us code of ethic extensively addresses legal mandates and legal behavior.
In the code of ethics, there are numerous legal issues addressed.
There is a whole section on the code of ethics that address legal ethical conduct and a complete description of legal issues that could occur have been listed as well. It outlines actions and behaviors that are a violation of the law. Specific illegal practices such as insider trading.
Also indicated is steps to take to report violations of laws or illegal conduct that is witnessed within the organization. Toys R Us will not allow retaliation for their staff that file a report and Toys R Us indicate certain rights their staff have if they are accused and included in a report filed.
Compliance with ethical culture
There are numerous items listed as far as ethical behavior and ethical decisions but it does not specifically state ethical culture. Ethical behavior and decisions create an ethical culture.
Unethical situations such as gifts, meals and entertainment are listed.

PROPOSAL FOR ETHICAL TRAINING PROGRAM AT PARADIGM There are three key areas that should be included in the training program for ethical training.
1. Review of the Standards of Conduct
2. Compliance Department functions
3. Fraud, Waste and Abuse
4. Compliance Hotline information

• Initial Compliance training should be…

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