The Code Of Ethics And Ethics Essay

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An organization is considered to be acting ethical toward its employees when standards are set to equally enhance each and every stakeholder. Individual employees are considered to act ethically toward employers by adhering to the organizational code of ethics. The code of ethics determines the workplace environment such as preventing discrimination, unsafe practices, and illegal activities. The code of ethics not on sets the standards for daily operation it also guides the treatment of co-workers. In a diverse workplace individual ethics may vary which can create dilemmas. Ethical dilemmas
Acting ethically as an employee may conflict with the ethical practices of an employer. As an employee choosing between individual ethics and business ethics may present both a moral and legal dilemma. When the actions of the employer is illegal making an ethical decision will be easy, however when actions are legal making an individual ethical decision may be difficult especially if the interpretation of ethics isn 't widely accepted. The term whistle-blower is used to define persons who report unethical business practices. Although Whistle-blowers are protected under Section 11(c) of the OSH Act which prohibits employers from discriminating against their employees for exercising their rights under the OSH Act. Whistle-blower are not fully protected from free speech of the organization or reporters. For example, Under the Dodd-Frank Act whistle-blowers can submit claims…

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