The Code Of Ethics And Ethics Essay

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“Don’t let your emotions make your decisions”(Picture Quote,2016). Something that every social worker must remember. The code of ethics was created as a guideline to make it clearer how not to cross professional boundaries with clients. Situations such as, Dual Relationships conflict with the code of ethics by blurring the line between right and wrong. After researching the situation provided I have developed my own opinion, evaluated the blurred line, and determined just how harmful dual relationships can be. Keeping a clear mind, avoiding dual or multiple relationships, setting up clear boundaries are all things mentioned in section 1.06A and 1.06B of the NASW code of ethics (NASW,2016). When comparing these main points to the situation Teresa has put herself in, it is apparent that she is behaving unethically. First, by taking Chris on as a client which is putting her friendship with Chris’s mother before her ethics. Secondly, admitting that she is having trouble sorting through her feelings proving that her judgement is in-fact effected. Thirdly, not having a clear conversation with them about where there boundaries are and how things need to be. Since their lives are already intertwined it is important for Teresa to think about how to handle this situation going forward by looking at how it will effect all members involved. Having Chris as her client as well as, her sons friend has effected her parenting, made her feel uncomfortable in her home, along with causing…

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