The Code Of Conduct For The Employees Essay examples

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In this case, I do not think Pamela acted ethically because she has violated the code of conduct for the employees who must make every effort to show respect for fellow co-workers. Here Paul fails to respect his co-workers which should have been handled more serious than that. As stated in the code of the workers conduct if a social worker sees a colleague behaving outside the realm of acceptable behavior, it is his responsibility to report his colleague to the appropriate regulatory body in his state of residence which I think was the next move Pamela should have taken. As stated in the code of conduct, social workers should recognize the central importance of human relationships by treating colleagues with respect which Paul has already violated by his behavior. As further stated, Social workers should seek to strengthen relationships among people in a pur-poseful effort to promote, restore, maintain, and enhance the well-being of individuals, families, social groups, organizations, and communities. Paul should have by all means avoided unwar-ranted negative criticism of colleagues in both communications and behavior towards other pro-fessionals. Above all Paul should never have sexually harassed his coworkers at any given point. When necessary, social workers who believe that a colleague has acted unethically should take action through appropriate formal channels (such as contacting a state licensing board or regulato-ry body, an NASW committee on inquiry, or other…

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