Essay on The Code Of Business Conduct & Ethics

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Requirement #1
Twitter being a social media holds a “Code of Business Conduct & Ethics” that falls under the rule based ethics. With that being said, their business is “communicated by rules” (Kemp, 155). Therefore, they must have a set of rules that are acceptable by the company to be executed to the team. Which is presented in their Code of Conduct that displays of what is “designed to deter wrongdoing and promote” such things such as doing their jobs, being honesty, acting with financial integrity, and so on (CITE). This is made out by Twitter in order for their employees and anyone else working in the corporation to comply with. In addition to that, they also clarify it more that they hold this sort of standard by what they had to tweet. Upon their account, Twitter had tweeted that “Your decisions and actions should be based on the best interests of Twitter and not based on improper personal benefit.” (CITE). This shows how employees can not take advantage of the business for personal purposes that can also deter wrongdoing. This kind of message is demonstrating what it means to have a “rule based ethics” as the Code of Conduct for a certain company.
Amazon being an internet-based retailer has formed a “principle-based ethics” for their company. It is clear that this business has based their code upon this because as stated by them “This Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the "Code of Conduct") sets out basic guiding principles” (CITE) and by all means, the purpose…

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