Essay on The Coca Cola Company

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The Coca Cola company has advertised the claim that their sports drink, Powerade Zero, contains zero sugar. This claim will be further examined through experimentation to prove whether or it is factual. This will be then compared to Powerade Ion 4 and the amount of glucose which is in the drink will also be determined. To obtain a quantitative measure of how much glucose is present in Powerade Zero and Powerade Ion 4, a spectrometer will be used to measure the colour change from adding Benedict’s to the drinks.

Glucose (C6H12O6) is most common form of sugar, a type of carbohydrate and consists of six carbon atoms, 12 hydrogen atoms and 6 oxygen atoms. During an oxidation process, labelled as metabolism, glucose produces 2870 kilojoules per mole providing energy to the body to keep it warm. (, 2016) Glucose is labelled a simple carbohydrate, or scientifically a monosaccharide, and can therefore bond with other carbohydrates to form complex carbohydrates. (Reusch, 2016) Glucose can occur in two different structures; either in a straight chain or ring structure. This is displayed in figure one below, presenting a straight chain glucose molecule as determined by the linear alignment of carbon atoms in the molecule. Figure two presents a ring structured glucose molecule as determined by the circular alignment of the carbon atoms. (, 2016)
Figure One: Straight Chain Molecule of Glucose

Figure Two: Ring Structured…

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