The Coach Of The North Scott Trap Team Essay

1995 Words May 19th, 2016 8 Pages
I interviewed head coach of the North Scott Trap Team, Dave Fredericksen. My father happens to be the head coach, however, his position in the organization is nothing more than a coincidence; I would be interviewing the coach of the team regardless of who the coach was at the time. I interviewed the coach of the trap team because it is such a different and misunderstood sport, especially in a society that questions our Second Amendment rights. I asked him questions that required him to reflect on the purpose and his personal opinions about the sport, as well as the fundamental questions from the syllabus.
For some useful background about trapshooting, it is not only a competitive Olympic sport, but is also a sport that is spreading like wildfire throughout the United States. The sport involves an individual shooting clay targets with a shotgun, preferably a 12 gauge. New shooters typically use field hunting guns; however, the more competitive and skilled the shooter gets, the better the chance they will purchase a firearm designed specifically for the sport. The actual sport consists of 5 teammates that shoot in each “squad.” The range consists of 5 stations on the field, roughly 15 feet apart from each other, and are a certain distance away from the throwing house. Each station is for only one person, and only one person shoots at a time after they call for the target with the word, “pull.” There are a total of 25 targets per person in each round, and 5 at each station.…

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