The Cloud Of Cloud Computing Essay example

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Abstract— Nowadays, Cloud computing is being the number one concept in IT industry where all large IT companies such as Microsoft, Red hat and Apple are migrating their services to be delivered via the cloud, and through this high competition on cloud-driven services the user is distracted by many different services of different providers which means many different GUIs. Clouds are groups of nodes or machines whose sizes may be different from small machines to data centers [1] [11]. These machines may be located in different physical places and connected via the internet. The cloud computing is designed to minimize the time, resources and cost that are used by companies [2]. In a cloud computing, the role of service provider is divided into two: the infrastructure providers and service providers to enhanced the functionality of cloud [12], now Microsoft is working on a new generation operating system called Cloud Based Operating System and its name would be Midori, which will replace windows fully.Microsoft Corporation going to introduce a new cloud based operating system named Midori. This operating system would be highly distributed, concurrent and virtualized. Services such as storage would be provided across a “trusted distributed environment” in Midori. Midori will store data on a central Microsoft Server and re moves the concept of storage on single PC. Since Midori is completely separate from Windows and has different goals, it is not designed for complete…

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