The Clock That Went Backward By Mark Twain Essay

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With the recent technological advances in the scientific industry it has become evident that several hypothetical ideas are inching closer to reality. One such idea is the concept of time travel. The most familiar form of time travel is usually thought some sort of “time machine”, and the first time this idea was conceived was in the New York Sun during 1881, in a short story titled “The Clock that Went Backward”. On the other hand films like “Back to the Future” got their rise from H.G. Wells’ aptly named “The Time Machine”, the first time the notion of a vehicle was used to travel through time. Even famous writer Mark Twain popularized the concept in his story “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court”. But these story beg the question, is time travel truly possible. Physicists such as Stephen Hawking refute these claims by stating that due to the lack of time traveling tourists makes it evident that at no point in time will humanity achieve this feat. However, there are several theories that work against or around Hawking’s claim which all focus on traveling backwards in time.
The concept of Destiny can possibly be controversial to some, but in the eyes of a scientist, it is simply another parameter to be changed to a fixed variable to constitute a controller experiment. In this case, it is the self consistency principle coined by David Lewis commonly discussed as the “fixed timeline theory” of time travel. Being a physicist, Lewis’ theory can be applied to other…

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