Essay about The Clinical Nurse Leader ( Cnl )

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The clinical nurse leader (CNL) is a leader in the healthcare delivery system in all nursing backgrounds in which healthcare is delivered. The CNL is a clinician that conveys the locus of control for safe and quality care from the administrative areas straight to the unit’s providers who deliver the services. They are the front-line at the point of care to improve patient outcome and quality care. CNL serves as the lateral integrator for the health care team who facilitates, coordinates, and oversees care within the health care delivery system. Reid, K. & Dennison, P. (2011) stated that the importance of the CNL as a front-line care leader is for building and sustaining safer and higher quality care delivery environments for current and future of health care system. According to Baernholdt & Cottingham (2010), it was decided that there was a need to change practice environments and nursing education in order to improve patient outcomes and retain proficient nurses at the bedside. The CNL take up accountability for patient-care outcomes through the integration and the use of evidence-based information to plan, implement, and appraise patient-care practices and models of care delivery. The CNL is a provider and manager of care at the point of care to individuals and cohorts of patients in health care delivery system.
CNL is an exceptional credential that recognizes certified Clinical Nurse Leaders. CNLs are nursing professionals who have earned a master’s or post-master’s…

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