Essay on The Clinging, Fire And Its Unique Form Of Art

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There are many forms of art that range through thousands of years back; each form of art peace unique in its own way. Examining, The Clinging, fire takes many people to a whole different realm, in which trying to visualize and understand this master piece that took an entire year to create. Taking bamboo art peace to a new place and gaining its will perfected place with an unorthodox style in Japanese bamboo art. Analyzing, The Clinging, Fire in its unique form of scorched color, shape, and pattern used. Trying to understand what the artist was trying to accomplish with this art peace, and how this type of art was developed in the Japanese culture. Analyzing an art usually there are many different colors through a painting; however, in the style of bamboo art there isn’t much of a color to be portrayed. Even though the artist is using I type of color scheme, the sculpture through certain shades of scorched bamboo, it looks as if it is life like, moving through the wall, and going in and out of cresses. This is accomplished by making certain peace’s darker than others. The endless color of darkness can be seem through some of the wider holes as if it feels limitless, that as in there isn’t any back bored. Being able to stick a hand through the holes and not having any restrictions behind it. A hand being able to move freely even though there is a wall behind it. By looking at the texture of the sculpture and shape it can be seen that it is an unorthodox style. By looking as…

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