The Climate Of Business Changes Essays

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The climate of business changes in a multitude of ways and exponentially along with breakthroughs and inventions catapulting us toward the future. For instance, 20-30 years ago, when the internet was just gaining popularity in the United States, finding a business, big or small, with an internet presence was rare. But, in today’s world, it’s unheard of to deny the marketing and advertising giant that is today’s internet.

Twitter has invaded the cultural zeitgeist and yet, it is only 10 years old. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram have become powerful tools for us as individuals for expressing ourselves in a worldwide community. But, they have also become invaluable to the corporations, non-profits, and other entities who wish to inspire us to buy their products or contribute our services. The internet has allowed companies to connect with their customers worldwide and at all hours of the day and night to ensure that they are working as hard as possible to give the consumer the best products, customer service, and value for their dollars.

Per Bianca (n.d.) companies need to reinvent their culture for the 21st century. We are moving into an era where the baby boomer generation is beginning to age and retire. The millennial generation is moving to replace them and while not as big as the baby boomer generation, they are directing the business environment in a myriad of innovative new ways. In article after article, one choice is clear, millennials demand diversity in…

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