Essay about The Clean Water Act Of The Middle Of A Dying City

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Say there’s a water tower in the middle of a dying city. Everyone is hurrying to get their supply of water, but don’t know that the water is dirty, making the entire city open to sickness traveling on the water. In 500 BC, a man named Hippocrates found out that clean water would be better. He practiced removing dirt and other dirty things in the water and eventually created the first bag water filter. Since then, water filters have been improving and are much for more efficient than it was back then. They’ve been incorporated into water heaters, drinking fountains and any source of water than is potable, or drinkable. Water has had a big impact on society for centuries due to the high demand of clean drinking water. In 1972, the U.S. passed a law called the Clean Water Act. This law said that there must be a big change with the way the community handles it 's water. The U.S. wanted clean water by 1985 everywhere and wished that rivers and lakes could be used again. This law failed bad because the water in the U.S. is still relatively dirty. Many other countries face the same problem with dirty water. Many countries do not have water filters, as their countries are poor and cannot afford water filters for everyone. Which is why water filters are very important to the world. Water filters are very important to the community because it will provide clean, drinking water in many countries, it would save many lives from disease, and it would benefit society socially and…

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