The Clean Water Act ( Cwa ) Essay

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Prior to 1970, few regulations existed to protect the waters bodies of the United States. Due to public health and notable environmental impacts noticed by the public, public pressure on government officials resulted in an environmental movement that created the US Environmental Protection Agency. As a result, on 1972 the Federal Water Pollution Control Act was created, better known as the Clean Water Act (CWA). Improvements to water quality are directly linked to the implementation of programs to control or minimize the discharge of pollutants. As of today, still many challenges are ahead to continue to protect the water of the US, especially tackling the problem of septic tank failures, straight pipes discharges, and other illicit discharges into the water bodies of our country.

The improper disposal of human excreta and sewage is one of the major factors threaten the health and comfort of individuals in areas where satisfactory municipal, on-site, or individual facilities are not available (Salvato 2003). This is the result of the presence of a large number of disease inducing organisms found in human excreta and sewage in general. The purpose of this research is to examine the impacts of straight pipe discharges and septic tank failures in residential communities of the US southeast area, including Eastern Kentucky, West Virginia, and Florida and provide affordable wastewater treatment alternatives to solve or mitigate this environmental pollution problem.


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