Essay on The Clean House By Sarah Ruhl

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In The Clean House by Sarah Ruhl, two characters stand out to me. Virginia, who is Lane 's sister and Lane 's estranged husband, Charles. The traits, characteristics and dialogue develop these characters in my mind 's eye. The personality of Charles is that he is smart, charismatic as well as a detail-oriented person. He is a surgeon with a specialty by trade, indicated by the dialogue in Act 1, scene 10. As far as Virginia, we learn that she is depressed with her life, she is college educated and dealing with some obsessive behaviors indicated in her conversation with Matilde. In Act 1, scene 7, Virginia meets Matilde for the first time. It is revealed that she is wearing a skirt. Given her need for cleanliness and the fact that she is a college educated, housewife who has traveled the world, it is reasonable that she is wearing a nice skirt and a conservative top. This would enable her to travel around as well as serve her during her daily routine of cleaning. She is very plain without extravagant style. In Act 2, scene 3, Charles is seen outside of his hospital and occupation. It is only in Act 2, scene 1 that he truly looks the part of a doctor. Even that is a representation in Lane 's mind. In order to accomplish his well put together wardrobe indicative of a successful doctor, it would be important to have him wear dark dress slacks, brightly colored polo type shirt and leather slip on dress shoes with a slightly raised heel, to create the click as he walks in a…

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