The Clean Air Act Of 1970 Essay

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Introduction: The Clean Air Act of 1970 was established to strictly to based standards for reducing air pollution caused from new fossil-fuels electric power plants and other stationary sources, but this left many already existing sources unregulated. After many decades have past an unusual and creative law was passed. The North Carolina Clean Smokestack Act of 2002 was passed. This act was to set a cap on the annual total of emissions. The emissions that this act focused on with nitrogen oxides (NOX) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) for NC 2 investor-owned companies, Duke Energy and Progress Energy. This required them to reduce their total year-round NOX emissions 77% by 2009 and their SO2 emissions 73% by 2013. These caps forced these plants to update their facilities or closed down 45 coal-fired electric generating units at each of their 14 sites in NC. This law also prevented any other state any emission allowances. So they weren 't able to resale these to other polluters in upwind states. After studying the results from this Act NC in 2007 mandated that this Act needed to adopt an additional regulation on installing mercury emission control to their technology by 2017. In January 2006, North Carolina Sued the Tennessee Valley Authorities claiming that the emission pollutants released from their power plants had created a public nuisance in the state. The emissions that were causing this public nuisance also adversely affected the health and welfare of the citizens also…

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