Essay on The Clean Air Act ( Caa )

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The Clean Air Act (CAA) was passed in 1970 by Congress in response to an increase of public awareness of air pollution and evidence of public health risks caused by air pollution. The CAA is considered to be a classic example of the “command and control” style of environmental legislation that is characterized by setting environmental goals for the legislation, determining criteria or collecting technical data on the specific health effects of certain chemicals, setting quality standards which are the maximum allowable level of pollutants for the public to interact with, emission standards in the form of assigning individual polluters how much emissions then can release in a given amount if time, and enforcement of the policy in the form of penalties, bargaining, incentives, and litigation. In terms of the CAA the goals were primarily to protect human health and secondarily to maintain visibility, and protection of crops and water. The first major feature of the CAA was the national air quality standards set by the EPA, which determined the criteria and quality standards of the CAA. It identified six pollutants to be reduced in the air: carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, lead, sulfur oxides, and particulate matter. The second major feature of the CAA was the emissions standards for stationary sources, also mandated by the EPA. Separate standards were developed for existing plants and new plants based on the best available technology to curb emissions. Enforcement of…

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