The Classroom Plan For Classroom Management Essay

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I really enjoyed the time I spent in Mrs. Flinn’s fourth grade classroom over Spring Break. I was able to observe for a total of four hours between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. During my time with the fourth graders, I took a closer look at the solid behavior classroom supports being used. Along with these supports, I was extremely impressed by the way Mrs. Flinn handled classroom management. Even though I observed during a very exciting week, she had great control over her students. After speaking with Mrs. Flinn, it was easy to see that this effective classroom management comes from her focus on relationship building. I could tell that she has a strong, solid relationship with each and every one of her students, and I think this really does make the world of difference in helping classroom management fall into place.
When I first walked in the classroom, I spent some time focusing on the “preliminary considerations” such as room arrangement, schedules, and routines. To begin, the desks were in clusters to make group work much easier. When asking her about this, Mrs. Flinn told me that she let students pick where they wanted to sit for this particular seating arrangement. If students can’t seem to handle it, they are then pulled from the cluster. Also, the schedules and routines were posted throughout the room in various locations for the students to refer to throughout the day. This being said, Mrs. Flinn has a whole bunch of posters all over the walls, and I…

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