Essay The Classroom Instruction As A Teacher

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Expand your content competence, improve your subject matter knowledge and impact your classroom instruction as a teacher.
Professional Development can be achieved many different ways. I recently finished earned my masters in Agricultural Education and through the time I spent working on it I gained knowledge and skills that I have implemented in my classroom. I started the process four years ago and finished my project and defense in December of 2015. By working to complete my master 's in agricultural education I have been able to expand my knowledge base in several agricultural areas as well as grow as a teacher. One of the classes I took and completed was advanced agricultural issues, while in this class I researched a different issue every week. The benefits of this class can be seen in both my knowledge base and in my curriculum for next year. The issues the class looked into range from soil management and horse slaughter to the ethics in agriculture. I was required to look at the different sides of the agricultural issues and write a report on the issues showing the concerns of each side. I will be integrating the issues I had to look into my advanced agriculture class by having students look at the issues that I have gained knowledge about. I have also taken classes that were dedicated to improved teaching methods. Those classes allowed me to look into different teaching methods that I implemented into my classroom. During my last semester as a grad student, I worked…

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