The Classroom Design For Kindergartners ' Physical, Cognitive And Socio Emotional Characteristics Of Development

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For this week 's assignment you will answer some short essay questions where you should refer back to the textbook to answer the questions in complete sentences. Each question should be answered in 3-5 sentences.
1. Describe and analyze age appropriate classroom design for kindergartners ' physical, cognitive and socio-emotional characteristics of development. Give examples to support your analysis.
A physical environment, its surroundings, and a specific setting play an important role in physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development of a child. Learning centers, a system that is used to arrange a classroom or organize materials in a classroom, and physical space, both are needed in a kindergarteners’ classroom. Therefore, classroom design has to be effective that can provide all round development for children. It must include blocks, art material, a reading/ writing area, games/ manipulative area, science/ discovery area, and a physical education area.
2. What are some characteristics and key aspects of schools at different levels-early childhood education, the transition to elementary school and the adolescent education?
School transitions are the important time period when students move from one school environment into another. Transitions are very important because they represent major shifts in the daily environments in which children and adolescents interact. For some students, the transition is smooth, whereas for others it is stressful. During transitions,…

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