The Classical Style During The Hellenistic Age Essay

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Oh Mighty Greeks! During the Greek Golden Age (c.a.480-430 B.C.E) up to the culmination of the Classical Style during the Hellenistic Age (323-30 B.C.E), the Ancient Greeks were able to build one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen. We all have probably heard stories from the Ancient Greeks in our lives, like their mythology gods portrayed in the movies. Not until their culture is studied and researched in depth, one cannot fully understand the magnitude of the legacy of their classical culture. Due to the Ancient Greeks influence in visual arts, sports, politics, philosophy, literature, and architecture, our culture today still follows their legacy established by heroic leaders, pioneering philosophers and unique mathematicians. Because of all these attributes, one can say that the Greeks forever influenced future generations and entire societies.
Greek Golden Age influences on modern societies, like in the United States, are present in many ways. Hollywood and Broadway, for example, use the storytellers to tell the main plot of a movie in the form of a trailer or a drama function. Another influence we can see is the Olympic Games which are still celebrated very similar as they did in Athens around 776 B.C.E.; many of the sports in the modern games are played with few modifications. Perhaps the greatest influence of the Golden Greek Age could be the political and society concept of “Democracy” (demokratia), word composed by demos (people, village), and kratos…

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