Essay about The Classical Period And Mauryan Dynasty

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One of the key components of any successful civilization throughout history is political control. It has proven itself absolutely necessary when it comes to maintaining order in any society. Political organization began to become much more elaborate during the Classical period, offering government leaders more control over the population. We see many different approaches to maintaining this control throughout the classical period civilizations. The Classical period Han and Mauryan dynasty sought and achieved political control through both religion and social hierarchy. Both civilizations geniously wove people 's beliefs with politics, giving the people moral reason to obey and respect the political decisions made by the heads of their governments.
The Han Dynasty’s embracement of Confucianism can be attributed to a man named Liu Che, perhaps more recognizably known as Emperor Wu. He was the first to integrate the philosophies of Confucianism with Legalism to rule his people. The 2 philosophies come together rather harmoniously due to the fact that they support and justify the ideas expressed in one another, here is an excerpt from the Confucian Analects that express both Legalist and Confucian values: “Lead them by means of regulations and keep order among them through punishments, and the people will evade them and will lack any sense of shame. Lead them through moral force (de) and keep order among them through rites (li), and they will have a sense of shame and will also…

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