The Classical Music Concert On The East Campus At Kean University

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The classical music concert that I had decided to attend and observe was The Symphonic Wind Ensemble Concert, which took place Thursday, November 12, 2015, at 8:00 PM in the Enlow Concert Hall on the East Campus at Kean University.
The first composition performed was entitled “Mannin Veen” by Haydn Wood; which I found to be quite similar to the second concerto performed, the “Valse Triste” by Johan Julius Christian “Jean” Sibelius; and arranged by M.L. Lake. Both consisted of a constant tempo with a slow sound and a soft beat at the beginning, which gradually got faster and louder towards the end.
The third sonata was the “Symphonic Dance No. 3: "Fiesta"” by James Clifton Williams, Jr. which was quite the fête; as its intricate assortments of various tempos, sounds, and beats is both sophisticated and classy enough to listen and dance to in a high-class cultural concert/dance hall environment.
The “Second Symphony for Band, Movement I. Intrada” by Frank William Erickson consisted of a slow constant tempo, but with a much firmer beat; which would gradually get softer towards the end. It was very bold and extremely dominate throughout the course of this selection; as the blend of various, symphonic percussion and wind ensemble made for a daring and courageous sound.
The “Second Symphony for Band, Movement II. Intermezzo” was my all-time favorite of all the selections. It started out with a slow, yet quite sound, a soft, smooth beat, and a constant tempo; which…

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