Essay The Classical And Baroque Music

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Music is a complex idea that has a multiple outcomes and experiences. We are surrounded by music every day, all different types of it, too. There are theories on how music takes place in how we go through our society, like how it tells stories from the ancient world or even songs that most people can relate to today. But the two major periods of music in this piece is the classical and baroque style music. Although “classical” is now a common term to describe instrumental music, it is actually a time period for music: mid-1700s to the mid-1800s. The most common composer and the one used in the studies ahead is Mozart. Just before that, from 1600 to 1750 was the Baroque period, the most common composer being Bach (Johnson, 1). Although there are many other types of music that could be used, these two provided the basics and the start up for what is being discussed: how classical and baroque music has been proven effective on temporary spatial learning and aiding in treatments for depression and anxiety.
There are reasons upon reasons on what is creating distraught and negativity throughout this world, let’s not even mention this election year, but instead let’s start with the children and adolescents. Awhile back, a post spread across all social media like wildfire, it seemed outrageous but at the same time, adults knew it was true. Teenagers today have the same anxiety levels as someone in a mental asylum in the 50’s. Doesn’t that mean we are just completely crazy? Yes,…

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