The Class William 's Doll, By Charlotte Zolotow And Discuss Essay

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Activity for year 1: Read to the class William’s Doll, by Charlotte Zolotow and discuss. Students will learn how the characters in the book are feeling and become familiar with gender stereotypes.
Learning experience/curriculum plan template (primary)
Write the specific objectives and/or outcomes of the learning experience AUSTRALIAN CURRICULUM
Content: identify the specific content you will teach for a learning area or learning areas. HINT: be focused so do not choose too many.
• By the end of the learning experience, students will be able to:
• Define what gender stereotypes are.
• Describe the meaning of the terms gender and stereotypes.
• Define the meaning of family.
• Explore and recognise the differences and similarities between people and learn that this is something to respect and celebrate.
• Make connections with their own experiences, identifying examples of gender free occupations, for instance, firefighter, police officer, nurse.
• Discuss characters in the book and define whether these are life-like or imaginary (ACARA, 2014)
• Work collaboratively in groups, showing respect, cooperation and support with peers.
• Express their opinion and point of view. English, year 1, literature, responding to literature. “Discuss characters and events in a range of literary texts and share personal responses to these texts, making connections with students ' own experiences” (ACARA, 2014) ACELT1582.

English, year 1, examining…

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