Essay on The Civilization Of The Nile River Valley

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As the civilization grew the Nile River Valley was a civilization that depended mainly on the Nile River to provide food and fertile soil, along with water. Back then people had to work together to control what they called "The annual flood" which brought more water and also brought more soil to the areas. Around 3100 B.C. the king of Upper Egypt, Menes, united the upper and lower part of Egypt. The Nile River helped to make the first unified state. Egypt was once divided into three time periods: The Old Kingdom, The Middle Kingdom, and The New Kingdom. The Old Kingdom had rulers called pharaohs, they also had viziers who controlled things for the government such as collecting taxes, farming, and the irrigation system. They also were the ones who built pyramids for their dead rulers. Often times the pyramids would be started as soon as a new ruler was appointed, and the pyramid would be built throughout the ruler 's lifetime and should be finished by the time the ruler was about to die, unless of course they 're killed which would suck because it 's unexpected and they wouldn 't have anywhere to put the body until they 're done with the pyramid. The Old Kingdom 's fall was due to crop failures, power struggles, and the cost of pyramids. Now begins the Middle Kingdom, during this time period the river water didn 't rise as it regularly did so rebellions and revolts happened often. Although the river didn 't flood as often and there were revolts, the rulers managed to keep…

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