The Civilian Conservation Corps : The Patriarchal Views Of Canadian Society During The 1930 ' S

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This poster, promoting the The Civilian Conservation Corps, demonstrates the patriarchal views of Canadian society during this time period. Its targeting of the male population, while completely dismissing the female public is evidence of the lack of job roles for women during the 1930’s. The art, depicting a young man holding an axe indicates the great value placed upon unskilled manual labour by the government. This poster is an example of bias in the way that it fails to mention the negative aspects of the job; fighting fires and working in flood control, two major aspects of the job, are both serious safety hazards. Furthermore, the poster fails to mention the sacrifices involved in this opportunity. The stable shelter in which these men resided in would be replaced with a compact tent as they would be forced to leave their family behind. Additionally, there is no indication regarding the exact pay (thirty dollars per month), possibly because it would be underwhelming and discouraging for most. Present Canadian society has strayed from its patriarchal views, therefore one may take offence to this poster as it is completely ignoring a woman’s potential to thrive in a workplace environment. The demand for unskilled labour has decreased, while skilled jobs have seen drastic increases as they tend to include better pay, ergo, one may be more inclined to take a job in a different career sector. The artist’s intention may have been to convey a feeling of happiness and…

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