The Civil War Essay

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The Civil War landmarked the defining moment when the tension and anger between the Northern and Southern people had reached a point of no return. Until 1861, the radical abolitionism, failed compromises, and industrial differences in America pitted the North and the South against each other in a sectional battle for social, political, and economic power. Thus igniting the spark of the Civil War between the American people. The stark differences in the Northern and the Southern territories promoted a vast political change in the years between 1793 and 1850. When Thomas Jefferson drafted a slavery clause of the constitution, the issue of slavery was too controversial for an infant America to discuss, and with a large push to get the constitution ratified, the slavery clause was left neglected and cut out of the original draft. From the moment the constitution was written, American politics had been drafted on the idea of appeasement and compromise. This policy of compromise followed through to the Constitutional Convention of 1786. The ⅗ Compromise, which diffused tension surrounding the number of representatives and power they had in congress, and the Great Compromise, which combined the New Jersey and Virginia Plans to determine the structure of congress, were the embodiment of the compromising cause.
Efforts similar to the Missouri Compromise demonstrated America’s ability to appease both peoples of the nation by keeping the number of slave states and free states equal.…

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