The Civil War Was Inevitable Essay

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The American Civil War was inevitable; it could have happened earlier or later than it did, but there was no way to avoid this bloody war. Slavery was a controversial topic in the United States and was bound to be the catalyst of a civil war. The Civil War was a result of failures of leadership, the differing societies of the North and the South, and extremism. The citizens from both of these regions of the United States were very close-minded and had their minds made up about where they stood when it came to slavery. Neither side was going to give in to the other 's adamancy and beliefs without putting up a fight and dying for their own beliefs. The president of a country has to be a strong leader that shows few to no signs of weakness and uncertainty and be able to make decisions for the better of the country all while keeping the country together. President Lincoln failed to do all of this. In a speech that he made at the Republican state convention before he became president, Lincoln admitted that "a house divided against itself cannot stand" (Document A). Although this is true, Lincoln then proceeded to tear down his solid front by showing uncertainty. Lincoln initially chose to tiptoe around the issue of slavery with clever responses, but this made him sound indecisive. One response at the same convention was his statement that the United States will cease to be divided, either by becoming completely for or completely against slavery. Another one…

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