The Civil War Was A War Essays

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The Civil War was a war that was about slavery. The Union who was the North was fighting against the Confederate which was the South. During this time of the 1800’s, slavery was the center of attention. Any state that became part of America had to talk about whether the new state was going to be a slave state or a free-state. There were four significant events that led to the Civil War which were; the Nat Turner’s Revolt that happened in 1831, the Manifest Destiny that Americans believed it was what God wanted, the war between America and Mexico where Texas was annexed, and when Kansas became part of America (Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854). In addition, the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 was the event that made the Civil War inevitable because it was when the US started to split into the Union and Confederate states. These events had a significant impact that led to the Civil War. To start with, the Nat Turner’s Revolt of 1831 in Virginia caused a lot of chaos between the slaves and white Americans. Nat Turner was a slave that knew how to read and write. He was also a preacher in the slave community that people respected and looked up to him. Since Turner knew how to read and write, it gave him benefits; yet he was still dissatisfied with being a slave. Turner sought to fight for his freedom and on August 1831, he organized a group of slaves and broke into a white family’s house; which were the owners of the slaves. Upon entering the white family’s house, they proceeded to…

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