The Civil War : The Bloodiest War Essay

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The Civil War The Civil War, known for being the bloodiest war in US history. The events that occurred during the civil war have made us into the nation we are today. The American civil war began in 1861 and lasted until 1865. The separation between the Confederate states and the Union states began when President Lincoln’s inauguration, seven of the southern states fled from the Union and created the Confederate states of America. Since then the battles between the two would begin. The battle of Gettysburg, the attack of Fort Sumter, and the battle of Shiloh. These events were major important for the Civil war timeline. This war will not only be remembered for all the lives that were lost, but the change it gave to the people once the war ended. The battle of Shiloh also known as the battle of Pittsburg landing, took place in April of 1862. This battle was a surprise attack against the Union by the Confederates. Ulysses Grant’s army were camping in Tennessee and waiting for the arrival of reinforcements. Many of the Union troops were just waking up or eating breakfast early morning. While the Union army were waiting for the reinforcements to arrive, confederate General Albert Sydney Johnston attacks first surprising the Union army. According to Henry M. Stanley “Johnston’s force surprised Grant in an attack that slowly pushed the Union troops back from the high grounds they occupied” (1). The confederate…

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