Essay about The Civil War Of The United States

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The seed sown by the wealthy southern plantation owner of racial disparity had germinated to later became the profoundly segregated discriminatory society. The suppression and unjust behavior of white southern plantation owner towards black slaves had led the civil war, which transition the new era of uncertainty. The work of post-civil war does not end with the abolishment of slavery, but it only starts. The task of rebuilding the south, bringing the confederate army to union, and providing assistance for the free people of post war, was later known as reconstruction. The work of reconstruction had not only failed to rebuild the nation as the united. But it also failed profoundly of what was the urgent needs of the post war; provide assistance to the free slaves. The work of reconstruction might have provided very little political voice, but it failed to provide social equality among the newly freed slaves.
After the death of Abraham Lincoln, who had prompted both the Emancipation Proclamation and the Proclamation of Amnesty to end the war had widened the political breach between two parties regarding the reconstruction. Two completely different policy of Congress and President Johnson had overshadowed the issue they both were trying to addressed( I may need to write the free slaves). President Johnson, who shared the racist attitude with the white southerners was now the in charge of the reconstruction, and one can only expect of what he was up to. While taking control of…

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