The Civil War Of The United States Essay examples

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By reading through all documents related about the civil war in United States, it seems that all of them were focus slavery issues in America. Evesnts like the debate over the slavery in 1860, the bloody confrontation in Kansas in 1854 to 1861, and presidential elections where Abraham Lincoln was participating in 1860, were some events that increase the conflict between the two parties.
First, one of the most important event about the beginning of the slavery’s issues was the debate over slavery in the west of United States, where it was debated several issues about the slavery in the South of the United States, like the expansion of the economy in the South by enslaved labor, and the increase of slave’s number in the country. Although northers were against the slavery system, because the south did not want to accept the emancipation of slaves in the states, they decided to not keep pushing the issues in order to avoid the destruction of the Union in America. Second, in 1854 to 1861, the territory of Kansas lived several bloody conflicts during that period of time (Bleeding Kansas or Border War). Those violent events began with the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which it created two territories called Kansas and Nebraska, and its purpose was to make a great number of farms in the territory with a transcontinental railroad. However, there was an event in United States where the civilians could decide whether some states should allow the slavery and which one should not be tolerated.…

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