The Civil War Of The North And South Essay

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The American civil war happened for the following reasons
Slavery and State Rights Verses Federal Rights. Why was it necessary that a civil war between the North and South was the outcome? This was the era of the industrial revolution, a young emerging country the United States just gained its freedom for England, a time where science/discovery were happening and awareness that barbaric styles proved to render useless.
Prior to the civil war did most people have slaves, Yes. In the southern states the main income and export was from the agriculture of cotton and tobacco. The cost of the machinery and dependability was greater than the cost of free labor to work in the fields. Most southern survival depended on the crops. The north’s income was based on more industrial such as the railroads, factories and the ability to create jobs from business men. The North had more wealthy individuals than the South did. Due to this the North offered more opportunities for immigrants than the South did. The North also had more immigrant soldiers than the South.
The Southern took it personally when Abraham Lincoln was elected President and wanted unity for our country. If slaves were free, how would their lively hood survive? Could they afford to pay for labors and still make a profit. The mentality of the White Man’s Burden was a factor. Were as is the North they did not see slaves as salvages but as equal individuals who deserve the same opportunities as everyone else. The Southern saw…

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