The Civil War Of Nicaragua Essay

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“Ronald Reagan owned the first eight years of the 1980’s. He set the national agenda, defined most of the terms of the national dialogue, and dominated what passed for national political debate… he had more pervasive impact on the country than anyone since Franklin D. Roosevelt” (Reagan 1). So when Reagan began supporting the Contras during the Nicaraguan Civil War it was a major political topic. The civil war in Nicaragua became a personal mission for Reagan. Reagan saw the Contras as freedom fighters that wanted democracy and did anything in his power, legally or illegally, to keep them from losing the fight. Faced with the problem of foreign democratic issues, Ronald Reagan’s administration chose to secretly trade with Iran for American hostages and monetary reward in exchange for surplus weapons, but a legal domestic source of income would have been a much more efficient and intelligent response. The civil war in Nicaragua began in the early 1960’s during the Somoza dictatorship. The Contras did not enter this war as an organized faction until the early 80’s. The Contras led the opposition against the Sandinistas, who were anti-Somoza dictatorship. The Sandinistas had overthrown the Somoza family and taken control of Nicaragua. The Sandinistas had a pro-communism policy. The United States, especially Reagan, hated the idea of Communism so close to the United States. When the rebel group the Contras started to appear the United States jumped at the opportunity to…

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