Essay about The Civil War Of Colombia

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After more than five decades of bloody civil war that left over a quarter of a million people dead, Colombia appeared to be on the brink of peace. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, better known as the FARC, and the Colombian government signed a peace deal that would the longest civil war in the Western Hemisphere. After four years of negotiations, an estimated 7,000 guerrilla fighters pledged to give up their weapons, restart their lives as civilians, and re-brand themselves as a peaceful political group. President Santos, the Colombian President, was so confident that this treaty would be met with overwhelming support, that he left it up to the to the public to officially pass this treaty through legislation. In a shocking outcome, Colombian voters narrowly rejected the peace deal by a razor-thin margin of 50.21 to 49.78 percent. Opponents of the bill believe that the FARC needs to suffer stiffer penalties for their crimes and worry about the political agenda of the FARC. In the meanwhile, the rejection of the treaty risks prolonging the 52-year-old war and plunges the emerging country into uncertainty and continued instability.

The FARC established themselves in 1964 after a decade of political violence in Colombia known as “La Violencia”. The communist guerrillas took up arms against the government after their exclusion from a power-sharing agreement that ended the fighting. The FARC composed themselves of militant communists and peasant self-defense groups.…

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