Essay on The Civil War And The Reconstruction Era

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The years between 1860 and 1870 presented the people of the United States and their politicians with many social and constitutional dilemmas. These challenges have been escalating through years. The Civil War and other historical events would bring the United States to the forefront of a drastic transformation. This would have lasting implications on not only those who lived through the time period, but also those who would live in the future, revolutionary America. The social and constitutional developments that occurred as a result of the Civil War and the Reconstruction Era would be deemed to a great extent revolutionary. They represented a shift in America’s attitude toward the fluid narrative of increased equal rights and federal jurisdiction over states. The United State’s involvement in the Civil War and the Reconstruction Era that followed brought about several revolutionary and lasting constitutional developments. These changes were centered around state’s rights and the power of the federal government which often occurred due to the division between the northern and southern states. These divisions often occurred due to their evident differences: the north, being the epitome of American industrialization with free people as its consumers, and the south, which was heavily dependent on an agricultural economy with inequality as its backbone. These sharp differences resulted in attempts to nullify certain policies such as South Carolina and the nullification…

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