The Civil War And The American War Essay

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The Civil War fought from 1861-1865 was rough on citizens all around the country of America, especially those from the south, as the Civil War was also called the War of Southern Independence. Throughout these four years, the Southern and Northern ends of the country fought recklessly for bloodshed practically against each other. For the first eighteen months of the war, federal soldiers fought solely to uphold the Constitution and preserve the nation (Roark et al). As the world’s first modern war, it mobilized the entire populations of the North and the South, harnessed the productive capacities of both economies, and produced battles that fielded 200,000 soldiers and created casualties in the tens of thousands (Roark et al). During this time, it had a major impact on slavery. Similar to most other wars, it also impacted approximately 600,000 lives, jobs, and homes. It had multiple events that led up to it; all with significant impact. As the country and its people developed before the war, the events of The Missouri Compromise of 1820, The Compromise of 1850, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, “Bleeding Kansas,” and The Battle of Fort Sumter in 1861, all triggered what we have come to know as the American Civil War. For starters, in the growth years following the 1803 Louisiana Purchase, Congress was compelled to establish a policy to guide the expansion of slavery into the new western territory. Missouri’s application for statehood as a slave state sparked a bitter national…

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