The Civil War And The American Revolution Essays

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As we all know the civil war is a very interesting period in the creation and establishing of the united states. The civil war occurred during the time period of April of 1861 until about 1865 of May that year. During this time slavery was a major issue facing in the north and the south with president Lincoln coming into office, and African Americans serving in the war was a major issue. During the civil war, there were two sides. The two sides were the union and the confederate. African Americans served on both sides. Many of the African Americans in the north that were free or either ran away were enlisted to fight. As for the confederate side, African Americans were still slaves and allowed the opportunity to reenlist but many did not take that opportunity.
Many African American had already served in the army and navy during the American revolution, and a few also served in the Mexican war. Even though they have served many times before, like history net website said: they were not permitted to enlist because of a 1792 law that barred them from bearing arms in the U.S. Army. President Abraham Lincoln also feared that accepting black men into the military would cause border states like Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri to secede.
The first African American regiment, was recruited from the closer to the southern part of the states like: Massachusetts, Tennessee, and South Carolina, and later further more states that were under the union control. Around the year of…

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