The Civil War And Reconstruction Essay

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The Civil War and Reconstruction had far-reaching results in terms of race relations in the United States. After the Civil war in 1862 several legislations were passed to help the freed slaves. The Civil Rights act of 1875 prohibited segregation in public areas and many amendments gave African Americans more rights (Brinkley, 2014). Even with new legislations the status of the newly freed African Americans didn’t change mush until the twentieth century.
The reconstruction was to provide a new and better life to African Americans. Many continued to stay with their old masters while others left to find new opportunities, education, and land of their own (Brinkley, 2014). There were several obstacles standing in their way, chiefly white supremacists and the laws and restrictions they placed upon African-Americans. Several legislation passed by several Southern States like the 'black codes ' required blacks to have a curfew and allowed local officials to arrests unemployed blacks, fined then for vagrancy, and hire them out as farm hands in order to repay the fine (Brinkley, 2014). This appeared to be just another form of legal slavery. In 1866 Congress passed the Civil rights act declaring blacks as citizens, giving the federal government the power to intervene in state affairs when it came to protecting the rights of citizens (Brinkley, 2014). By 1866 the proposed 14th amendment was passed giving all born in the United Stated all “privileges and immunities” guaranteed by…

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