The Civil War And Reconstruction Era Essay

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Slavery was one of the biggest issues in the United States. Once the Civil War and Reconstruction Era ended in 1865 the thirteenth amendment was created to free slaves. All former slaves moved on to do their separate things. Some reunited with their families and moved north, while others stayed close to their previous owners who provided sanctuary. African American population patterns can be traced using maps published in the atlases created by the U. S. Census Bureau for each census taken from 1870 to 1920. The largest concentrations were in Maryland, Virginia, and the southeastern states.
The most difficult task that many southerners had to deal with after Reconstruction was creating a new system of labor to replace slavery. Plantation owners found it difficult to adjust to the end of slavery. However, there were several new machines that helped out on farms that no slaves were needed. Many former slaves believed that their years of free labor gave them a claim to land. Native Americans reluctance to sell to African Americans meant that only a small percentage of the free slaves would own land in the future. Most former slaves rented land or worked for wages on white-owned plantations. Some even went back to work for their previous owners who were willing to give more benefits. New systems of labor slowly emerged to take the place of slavery. Sharecropping dominated the cotton and tobacco industry, while labor was still needed on sugar plantations.
After Reconstruction…

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