The Civil War, An Era Of Reconstruction Essay

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After the civil war, an era of reconstruction began with the belief that a new South would take shape. One feature of this New South involved the creation of the industry and manufacturing. Capitalist arrived in southern states to investigate its potential value with regard to natural resources. Southern Industries were already establishing an increase in production with an economy based on manufacturing even though the lumber industry was still dominating the entire southern market in the early 1900s. Enterprises coming south included mining and manufacturing and this led to the creation of new towns and villages where cotton and corn fields once stood. Even though there were similarities between northern and southern America, years after the war in the South, the tradition to honor the past glories of Confederacy still lingered. Even after the end of slavery and an influx of migrating people, it seemed that major Southern Industrial growth was not catching on. Southern industry in the New South faltered it seemed, due to absentee ownership, reluctant Federal support, higher rail rates and very little local industrial experience.
18th and 19th century Americans viewed the New West as an opportunity to start over and possibly to strike it rich by virtue of one 's own individual effort. The New West was a magnet for restless young men set to seek their fortune but in reality, most western settlers were members of a family or as part of an immigrant group. Contrary to popular…

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