Essay on The Civil War : A Tragedy That Changed The United States

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The Civil War was a tragedy that changed the United States forever. This war was between the North and South. These two areas of the United States have distinct properties that caused them to need each other. The North 's society was based off of industry and the the South thrived in the agriculture department. The increase of slavery was the start of the debate of the South and the North. The United States put a bandaid on the tension that was building up. The two areas needed each other, to survive and they were forced to deal with the facts of slavery. New States were admitted to the Union and the debate of slavery,caused the states to fight. Compromise was something that was used to not talk about slavery. The Kansas-Nebraska act was important because it led an even bigger divide in the states. The Dred- Scott decision was a case that defined the feelings of the North and South. Political parties split due to other events such as the fugitive slave act. The debate of whether slavery was morally right, caused the civil war. The start of the civil war can be stemmed back to when the cotton gin was created. The cotton gin was created to make picking cotton easier and faster for the slaves. When this was created the demand for cotton increased and the need for slaves became a necessity. Slavery always existed but not to this magnitude. When the number of slaves skyrocketed to the millions it made people question whether slavery was politically correct.
The United States…

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