The Civil Rights Of Malcolm X Essay

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“Don’t let anybody tell you anything about the odds are against you,” conveyed Malcolm X on April 3rd of 1964 (“Ballot” 2). Malcolm delivered possibly one of the most powerfully imbued speeches of the Civil Rights movement. The Civil Rights bill being recently passed and elections that same year Malcolm had one question for all blacks, whether they will choose “The Ballot or the Bullet”. Malcolm uses loaded language, multiple appeals, parallelism, and symbolism to achieve his claim, that black votes could alter the elections outcome. Malcolm Little was exposed to racism at an early age, his father was consistently a target for Ku Klux Klan. His father moved the family to Michigan, where they set fire to their home. He was eventually killed by a white supremacist group called the Black Legion.
Malcolm eventually discovered the life of the African American underground which included gamblers, thieves, pimps, etc. He was eventually imprisoned for ten years due to a robbery committed with his white lover, giving him more years in prison. During his jail time, he was introduced to the Nation of Islam by Elijah Muhammad, which “...advocated black separatism, an ascetic moral code, and self- help” (Martin 1).. He was given the name Malcolm X to symbolize, “...the African ancestral name that he could never know and the break he had made with his self-destructive past” (Martin 2). When he was released, Malcolm began to work his way up in the Nation of Islam. He built the…

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