The Civil Rights Movement Of The United States Essay

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Americas history is untold if the story of the civil rights movement is not mentioned. During the shaping of this country as we know it, it once was separated by the color of our skins. From the education to the places you can dine, was separated by color. The United States was founded on a set of laws and principles that are enforced by the Constitution of the United States. It is very important to understand that we were not always created equal in the eyes of our government or in the eyes of business owners. Since the beginning of this country, slavery was a beginning that ultimately led to a lot of conflicts including the Civil War. Throughout the course of this paper, several things will be discussed about the shaping of our civil rights movement. There is entirely too much information to begin to think of covering it in one paper. Motivation for this paper was taken from the Civil Rights Timeline provided in the weekly reading attachments. Due to covering the Brown V. Board of Education case in the discussion question, I will stay away from getting too involved with that topic. After the ruling of Brown V. Board of Education, the Supreme Court ruled that racially segregated schools were deemed unconstitutional. This caused an absolute uproar throughout the country, particularly in the southern most states. Several states attempted to take it upon their own hands and continue the segregation with even the Supreme Court ruling stating otherwise. Besides the states…

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