The Civil Rights Movement Of The 1960 ' S Essay

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Although not perfect and there are still some issues, please answer this question, on the whole, did the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s effectively ameliorate the nation’s difficulty with racial discrimination?

Here’s how I want to answer this question, I want you to gather evidence that supports your answer that you come up with, in other words, your claim. In a similar fashion to the “weighing the evidence” activities that we have done, you will assemble at least five primary source documents and explain how they support your claim. Be sure to include the roots of the civil rights that you learned about in the video.

Set up a folder in Google docs called civil rights summative assessment and put it in your US History folder. Set it up however you wish, (doc, slide show, etc.) present the primary source document with a paragraph as to why it supports your claim. So you should have a paragraph that sets up your claim and a paragraph for each of the five documents. Each paragraph will be worth 5 points. (5X6=30)

1. In my opinion, the civil rights movement did racial discrimination but also didn’t end it. With the civil rights movement black people were allowed to vote and business could not discriminate someone by there there race, color or sex. The the only problem is that in place down south things like this still happen unlike here in the north. So yes the movement did accomplished what they wanted at the time, but for the most part thing are still the…

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