Essay on The Civil Rights Movement Of Selma

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To begin a nonviolent movement or any movement it is very hard to influence people to join. During the Civil Rights Movement Selma, Alabama was a huge aspect to the campaign. Hundreds of black citizens had taken part in the protests. However, getting individuals to join was a struggle. Bernard Lafayette was effective in influencing a movement in Selma by taking small, effective steps to encourage individuals by challenging the system, being strong, and influencing others.

Bernard Lafayette was a SNCC field worker in Selma, Alabama who broke the barrier of fear and resignation among blacks. In 1962, Selma, Alabama was a city that was described as a place where white people were too mean and blacks were too scared. It was said that whenever black people had a meeting of any sort John Clark would appear just to show them that they are being watched. When Lafayette arrived in Selma, he was avoided by blacks because they knew who he was and were afraid to associate with him. He was kicked off the property at a local high school for trying to recruit and was harassed at a local sermon by blacks. Lafayette expected this type of distance among blacks because he was aware of their fear. He took this as a sign to implement a plan that took a slow course.

Lafayette initial step in his plan was to find individuals he could work through that were protected financially and who were strong leaders that were immuned to white pressure. He then recruited independent black farmers…

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