The Civil Rights Movement During The World War II Essay

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After hundred year of the emancipation proclamation, the nation was still heading in reverse. The hope of freedom that was promised by the Civil War was widely vanishing, replacing by bigotry. The segregated society in contrast of race had become a reality, shining away from the Illinois congressman’s a “new nation”; it was rather a good old nation with its racist attitude. The widely practiced Jim Crow Law and dived but equal was not only threatening the south, but it was also reflecting fear and intimidation. The country fighting a war outside of home to liberate people from prejudice, was reluctantly refusing its reality. Freedom and equality were none existed in the country’s vocabulary, rather it took many lives and had to lose blood in an effort to write. The massive Civil Rights movement had achieved a long due federal government support, however, many whites, among southern states remained counter.
After the World War II and the midst of Cold War, a massive number of liberation movement was gaining its popularity. Among other, the Civil Rights movement was one. The movement began with a huge surge of African American, marching (Protesting) for freedom and equality. The Jim Crow Law, and separate-but-equal was widely resembling the unjust in every social places, with separate facility designed for person of color. However, this period also witnessed the federal government intervening the states government to pass the laws, in effort to desegregate the black. But, it…

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