The Civil Rights Movement : Alice Walker Essay

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The Civil Rights Movement of 1954-68 was one of the most defining time periods for African-Americans since the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in 1865 “officially” marking the end of slavery. Martin Luther King, Jr. emerged as one of the forefront leaders of the Civil Rights Movement.
During his life Martin Luther King, Jr focused on ending the abomination that is segregation and racism in the south. Although Martin Luther King, Jr. didn 't want this accomplished by violence or revenge he wanted it done by peaceful protests and legislation where in his I have a dream speech he preached to his followers to maintain peace so that they can successed in their goal of getting freedom and equality for all. Some members of the black community thought they had to fix the oppression and hypocrisy within the community itself before moving on with the Civil rights movement. Alice Walker was one of the those individuals who thought it was important to point out the hypocrisy and oppression within the African-American community. Alice Walker depicts the faults of the African-American community in her novels The Color Purple and short story Everyday Use where individuals of the community have to gain the confidence to stand up for themselves to put an end to the injustice inside the black community. The Color Purple illustrates the difficulties some females were facing in the black community at the time through the main character of the story. Celie is constantly tormented by her…

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