The Civil Rights Act Of African Americans Essay

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While the United States government made a significant number of attempts to help African Americans following emancipation, not all attempts were successful. The signing of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 helped set the path for freedom of slaves. The freeing of slaves was proceeded by the foundation of the Freedman’s Bureau and the Southern Homestead Act. This new found freedom would not be as rewarding as many planned. African Americans faced problems through forms of discrimination. They also faced hardships when land they were promised was not easy to obtain. Finally, the former slaves lived in fear of being physically harmed by a white man. Abraham Lincoln’s plan to end slavery did not abolish the fact that these people were still slaves to the white men in a social sense. The Civil Rights Act would eventually helped set the path for a life of freedom for these people. Though change was slow, it eventually was produced and noticed. One of the major issues African Americans faced during this time period was discrimination. Cases of discrimination were rampant even after the emancipation. The signing of the Emancipation Proclamation granted freedom to slaves, yet they were still not seen as equals in the eyes of white people. One form of discrimination prominent throughout the south became known as the Black Codes. The Black Codes were laws appointed by the reigning form of government in the south, which was composed of only white men. These codes revolved around…

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